Holiday "NATURYOGA" in the mountains

The contact with nature rebalances our energies...

Oulx | Susa Valley | Piedmont

For all members who need gifted of time, to rediscover their balance ...
But even for those who is not yet a member, shares our passions and wants to know us...

As is organized this event?
What are your strengths?

The holiday...

You will decide together timetables of practice yoga, breakfast
The modalities of the lunches and dinners and activities in respect of all.

oga, is the thread of our 1 week holiday
A central theme of our week yoga

To allow those Members who want to follow more events always have something new to discover, to follow a path for evolution.

The nature...

We know that the contact with the nature has a fundamental role in the balance and well-being of human beings.
The clean air opens our lungs and breathe well means purifying organs, between which there is also the brain!
The alps in which we find ourselves boast breathtaking views in which practicing yoga, meditate and walk are a surefire way to raise immediately our vital energy.

The power supply is our wellness...

Siamo ciò che mangiamo quindi cuciniamo per il corpo e per lo spirito: 
vegetariano, biologico, biodinamico, km 0 ma soprattutto con amore, rispetto e fantasia.

The sports activity...

Are Available to qualified instructors for those who prefer to play in nature an activity more aerobics..

The activities of personal growth

They are playful and are modulated on the basis of the group giving us always nice surprises...

This is a requirement for many to live your holiday and there are spaces and times for this...

The joy
Is the dressing that makes it pleasantly tasty this holiday!!!

What type of Yoga practice?

"NaturYoga" is a way of living yoga and the holiday.

The Yoga practices in the dining room or in the garden are approximately 1 hour and 30 each.

We depart from the listening of the elements inside and outside us to find balance, centering, creativity, to enable our power of transformation and open our heart.Un viaggio nella natura e nel corpo 

To know our evolving needs and learn to use the challenges that life offers us great opportunities for growth.

Yoga is our wonderful tool through which travel through the life becomes a pleasant adventure.
We use all the means offered by the tradition in a balanced manner:
Asana (body forms), pranayama ((breathing techniques)), mudra (hand gestures), bandha,
dharana (Removal and concentration), nada yoga (Listening and singing of Mantras and sounds),
Meditation, dance, purifications and everything that can be useful to the group that is to share this experience.

All this is in respect of all of the physicality and knowledge of all because...

"Yoga is for all, we can all be in yoga and for all there is always something to learn"

How does the day?

A practice of Yoga in the morning

Breakfast natural and biological

Time in nature for excursions or sports activities

A practice yoga in the evening to reap the benefits and the ideas of the day.

The time of dinner is a beautiful moment of sharing, we put a lot of passion in cooking in the respect of nature and health.

The evenings are an opportunity for enrichment and growth with the assistance of specialists in various fields x Discover relaxation techniques, massage, art, interesting reading, meditations, activities of personal growth.

Which type of hiking you do?

The goals will be chosen in respect of the physicality of all the climatic condition and situations of growth and the discovery of the individual and the group that will be created in the course of your stay.

You will choose walks toward the points from the particular energy and along the way you will discover the corners and suitable moments to meditation and yoga practices.

You will reach the refuges or stage posts to decide if want to eat lunch in a mountain refuge or lunches.

Returning will benefit and will recognize the generosity of nature by collecting and knowing herbs, flowers, medicinal plants, plants used in the kitchen.

We are in the Occitan valleys, popular traditions are important and live in our walks through our stories of lives lived, anecdotes and legends.

The mountain is also the labor of those who cultivates in respect of the earth and the environment:
A day will take us from Marina, in its wonderful biodynamic garden in contact with a terra viva to taste a kitchen truly at Km 0.

And for those who want a holiday more sporty?

Course of natural running with qualified instructor.

More demanding hiking tours on the fantastic peaks surrounding with alpine guide.

E-bike for excursions with electric bikes on routes of varying difficulty accompanied by instructor of MTB.

And for those who want a most relaxing holiday?

A beautiful sunny garden and repaired to relax...

A book from the library of the association to delve into reading...

Towns and villages to visit with the free shuttle that part close to the B&B.

Wellness paths in SPA CENTERS

One or more holistic treatments (Shiatsuwith Mirko,
"Arts of Touch" Massagewith Françoise, Plantar reflexology with Patricia).

Where takes place the holiday "NATURYOGA" mountain?

The holiday takes place at Oulx (T0), the village of'Alta Valle di Susa, in Piedmont at few km from Turin.

Where can you stay?

The B&B "PER TE" in the historic village of the village of OULX (TO) , is near the headquarters of our association.

The rooms are spacious and furnished in mountain style and rustic, from the balconies facing south and full of geraniums you see the woods and the roofs of stone.

How do I participate?

The course is reserved to members in rule with the membership of 2019.

If you have not yet paid the annual membership or you are not yet a member, but share our love for sport and activity in nature, yoga and psychophysical wellness contact us via email or phone. We will be happy to tell you how to do! 

The associative contribution determined to participate is:

€ 370,00 
For the course yoga,'accompanying walks of medium difficulty to suit everyone, the guided meditations, activities of personal growth and the shared dinners.

The B&B "Per Te" offers attractive prices reserved to the members:

€ 180,00 
Per person for 6 nights and 7 days in bed and breakfast first.

Are not included...

Meals in Mountain huts

Wellness paths in conventioned SPA

Massage or holistic treatments extra

Excursions with electric bikes.

Yoga teacher

Laura Eynard  Yoga teacher ISYCO graduate, Higher Institute yoga and Oriental cultures


A.S.D. "Sentieri di Armonia" - Piazza Dorato Guido 5 - Oulx (TO) - 10056  
Laura Eynard (Presidente): Mob: + 39. 335. 6394103